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Cours Business Plus allemand-plus

Business Plus

allemand-plus will provide you with the language skills you need for your professional success.

Individual or mini-group courses and workshops, entirely personalized and adapted to your needs.

Cours étudiants allemand-plus

Teens 11-17 years

Do you need personalized support and tutoring to succeed in your education ?

Allemand-plus will enable you to achieve your goals. Your results will improve quickly.

Conversation and Email

You will gain in efficiency and make astonishing progress

on your telephone and email contacts with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Cours vacances Teen allemand-plus

Holiday School

Make great progress during your holidays !

Revision, consolidation of grammar, fun and ease in dialogues are our working bases.
Dynamic and relaxed!

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Quick progress

Our custom-made method allows you to reach your goals in the shortest possible time! The course content can be used immediately in everyday life.


allemand-plus offers a individual coaching and a pedagogical support at every step of the learning process.

Tailor-made Method

allemand-plus’ tailor-made method is defined according to your skills. 

We adapt our interactive method. allemand-plus offers a personalised service for every company or individual.

Native German speaker instructors

We value the authenticity of our training. All our instructors are native speakers of German or Swiss-German, so that you benefit from the cultural aspects of the language as well.


Your progress will be faster and more efficient in one-to-one training or in mini-groups. And that’s because you talk and practice more!

Evaluation of your needs

allemand-plus accurately assesses your needs, your goals, and plans your tailor-made course.

Lesson material

Nos supports de cours sont choisis en fonction de vos besoins. Le lexique utilisé est adapté à votre profession et à votre niveau d progression.

Saving of time

You want to save time? Classes can be held at your workplace. Otherwise, we welcome you in our school in Lausanne.