Pedagogical approach

Let's work together to develop your communication skills in German and/or enhance the potential of your employees.

With over 20 years’ experience in positions of responsibility for companies ranging from family-run SMEs to multinationals with over 60,000 employees, Bettina Bucher Martin founded allemand-plus Sàrl to meet German and Swiss German training needs with a new philosophy and a real desire to see real progress: adapting to the learner by offering a structure capable of providing a quality service that is tailor-made, effective and sustainable.

Customization, coaching and customer care are our daily challenges. We enjoy working with you, successfully meeting challenges and achieving goals. Always on the move, we’re constantly adapting our courses and offerings to offer you the training that’s right for the market and the latest trends.

Reception: at your place or ours or online?
We’ll find the right solution for you. Depending on the arrangement you choose, we can hold the course at your premises, at your offices, at our premises in Lausanne, or at any other possible location for language training. We also offer online face-to-face training with the trainer or hybrid training.

Individual teaching periods last 55 minutes.

Most of our courses are taught using the 4C* method, which develops the 4 skills: oral expression, oral comprehension, written expression and reading comprehension. Some courses focus exclusively on oral expression and comprehension, and are marked with the 2C* symbol.

Evaluation method

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10 reasons to choose allemand-plus


*4 skills - listening, reading, speaking and writing. You'll really learn German with our unique method.


german-plus offers you personalised coaching and support at every stage of your training.

Rapid progress

Our tailor-made, personalised method will help you achieve your objectives as soon as possible! The course content can be applied immediately in everyday life daily.


Our extensive experience on the French-speaking market for companies, individuals, students and pupils will help you achieve your goal.

Tailor-made method

The German-plus method is tailored to your abilities. allemand-plus offers a customised service for every company or individual. allemand-plus offers a customised service for every company or individual. It's your choice.

Native German-speaking premium trainer

We value the authenticity of our training. All our trainers and trainers are native speakers of German or Swiss-German. You'll also benefit from the cultural aspects of the language.

One to one

Your progress will be faster and more effective with one-to-one training. or in mini-groups. You talk and practice more.

Needs assessment

allemand-plus assesses your precise needs, objectives and plans your tailor-made course.

Course material

We draw up documentation with a glossary specially adapted to your needs

Time saving

Save on travel time? The courses take place online and face-to-face, or at your premises. If you prefer, we can welcome you at our offices in Le Flon, Lausanne.


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